List of Pangya Servers

Here a list of currently running Pangya servers!

Official Servers:

Server Name Season Website URL
Pangya Thailand Season 8

Private Servers:

Server Name Season Website URL
Pangya Brasil Season 4
Pangya BR Revolution Season 4
Pangya Celebrity Season 4
Pangya Infinity Season 4
Pangya eXtrem Season 4
Pangya PiXel Season 4
Pangya Debug Season 8
Pangya Delire Season 8

If there’s any server I missed, feel free to reply and state information that is in the table (a name, which season it runs on, and a website) and I’ll add them to the list!

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I must say I’m surprised (and relieved) to see the Thai server still going on! I’ll try to register there, how many players are usually online there?

I think @babbe107 went there two months ago and said something about around 40-ish players being on there at the time of visit.

So…somewhat active?

In general I’m wondering that MyGame (the game provider for Pangya TH) is keeping it up even with the low amount of players. Looks like they either have quite the budget or it’s something low-effort that just runs at the side!

I guess it’s the latter. I don’t think they are offering any new contents for the time being, but they keep it running while it’s still profitable. Nice anyway that there’s still an official active server for the PC version.

Hello everyone
here I am RED 13 I am the administrator of Pangya eXtrem season 4.9 we are a French server that has been around for 4 years

we like to open a party for the US but we do not yet have a person who speaks english / french we are looking for that again

here is our site

here is our forum


Thank you, I added your server to the list!

hello all my new adresse web

Updated the link, thank you!

Hi, ive been playing this game since Albatross 18’s release. off and on of course. It’s the best golf game period. What would you say is the best server for and English only speaker? Can you change the language to English on the Thailand server?

Acrisio SuperSS Dev Season 8 Brazil :

Pangya NewGen Season 8 Thai :

if you want to update the list.


new adress for eXtrem