Welcome to the Pangya Community!

Welcome to the Pangya! Community

Even if the PC version of this game has been officially discontinued by Ntreev in 2016, it still has a cult-following shown by one final server and several other private servers still around!

This is a space where you can meet fellow Pangyateers and talk about Pangya. Most talk will probably be about the PC version of the game, but there also are categories with news and all kinds of other topics around Pangya Mobile!

While a huge focus will be the inner workings and technology of the game in the categories like #development and #private-servers, for use of development of tools and other software that helps to keep the game stay around a while longer, you can also talk about Pangya generally in categories like #the-lounge!

This community is pretty new, so you can easily help to shape it! If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it in #off-topic:site-feedback and we’ll might look into implementing it!

If you want fellow players to recognize you, or simply introduce yourself, feel free to create a new topic in #off-topic:introductions!

If you are part of private staff, feel free to tell us about your server in the appropriate thread! If you want to, you can also get a badge for being private server staff, just send @pixeldesu a private message!

Thank you for being around and let’s make Pangya a thing that won’t be forgotten!