Pangya Thai closing down on 30th April

On the Pangya Thai forum a post has been available announcing the closure of Pangya Thai, for reasons outside ini3 responsibilities, on 30th April. The post has been available for a brief time before being removed, but GM’s have confirmed this news during the latest GM tournament.

Thanks to everyone involved for keeping the server active all these years, hoping that someday a new official server will be back online. I’d suggest to everyone to at least try to play, for one last time, on an official Pangya server, even if it’s not that easy for non-Thai players to join in: How to : register for Pangya TH Server

The original announcement (thanks to Luizin for posting it):

An english translation:


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With the Ntreev Soft going down, this may have been the very last official PangYa server to ever exist. I still can’t believe it’s been running for almost 19 years.

But i will still hold on to my hope that one day PangYa IP will be revived.

My first expierience with PangYa was watching my brother play on computer as a kid. A few years later, a PSP standalone game came out, and that was the first time i get to play the actual game.

When i heard the news of PangYa coming back on mobile, i was excited to expierince what new PangYa will be like… only to be met with dissapointment.

And now here we are.

If i have time, I will register and try to set my PC up for my last hurrah on the last official server.

Maybe i’ll be seeing yall on there!

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This information has been now confirmed:

Machine translation, courtesy of user Kev on the Pangya Reborn Discord channel:

Announce!! Termination of Pangya game service
“Pangya” in many people’s images is one of the first online games that makes parents smile with the cuteness of the characters. The content within the game is not harmful to the players, even if it’s about golf. But it is also easily accessible to players of all genders and ages. It is considered to be an early online game, known and very famous. It also serves as a small area that provides fun and relaxation for everyone as well.
Almost 20 years at Ini3 company Pangya game service has been launched. A good relationship was established between the staff and the players, or the players themselves. Happy every time I come in. A world full of fun, where friendship, smiles, and contentment are rewarded. A lot of things happen in this Pangya game. No one wants to say goodbye. But when it comes to the final chapter, sadness is something that no one can’t avoid.
The Pangya Game Team is very sorry. We must inform all players that this Tuesday, April 30, 2024, will end the contract to provide Pangya game services in Thailand by Ini3 Games Company Limited, as a service provider. Therefore, it is necessary to officially cease providing Pangya game services. The schedule is as follows:

  • 29 March 2024 at 12.00 hrs.: Announcement! Stop providing Pangya game services and close the in-game top-up system. and website page
  • 30 April 2024 at 12.00 hrs.: Stop providing Pangya game services on all servers. Stop providing service to the website and the official Facebook fan page Pangya (Siam)

This announcement was quite shocking to the entire team. Because over the course of nearly 20 years, from the first day that the Pangya game was opened until today, on Pangya Island, there have been many memorable images, whether it be a variety of activities that involved doing missions with players. On Pangya Island Fan meeting for every anniversary Seasonal Championships or invite Pangya people to do good deeds in return for society. Every feeling and atmosphere in every activity creates friendship and help each other. The spirit of sportsmanship can be seen at every event.
It would be like coming in to hit Pangya until the 18th hole, even though the route is nearing its end. But the distance between the first hole and the last holem, maybe, it’s more important that Pangya people learn. Get to know and meet new things It is the starting point for friends, lovers, and the gang that knows each other. Escape to relax on a tiring day. Probably for this reason, Pangya Island is a strong online gaming community, capable of winning the hearts of gamers of all ages to this day.
Before having to officially say goodbye, the Pangya team would like to invite all players to help create good memories together for the last time, causing the sound of “Pangya” to resound in our hearts. Even from now on, the service must be stopped. But it can be believed that Pangya game will be the only legendary online golf game that will be in the hearts of every player forever.
Finally, the entire Pangya team would like to thank all the players for their continued support. Every suggestion, every critique, every gift and every souvenir also gives us the opportunity to get to know each other. Come and have a good time together. And there are many special memories shared together. We, the Pangya team, would like to thank our Pangya friends. To everyone, from the heart, this farewell may have the opportunity to create happiness for all players again.

@Randodox I’ll try for sure to join in. During the closure of both Pangya US and JP I didn’t manage to join one last time, now I hope I’ll manage to do so, even if it’s challeging to join for us non-Thai players.


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I found something. On the Sheapmedia page, there’s a comment saying that the reason why PangYa Thailand is still open is because there’s an anonymous rich guy who annually renews the contract. In reality, there has been a plan to shut down the server since 7-8 years ago, but this anonymous rich guy keeps providing money continuously. Currently, the company that owns the game has already closed down and refused to renew the contract, so this server must be shutdown.



It is very sad to see this server close. What would be the future of this series.

Thanks for this interesting bit of info. The TWP translation plugin in my browser translates that “rich guy” word with “sultan” :laughter: We’d definitively need that guy to fund one of the private servers! I have already seen some Thai players coming to the Reborn Discord channel, a new Thai channel has just been opened there.