List of Pangya Servers

Thank you, I added your server to the list!

hello all my new adresse web

Updated the link, thank you!

Hi, ive been playing this game since Albatross 18’s release. off and on of course. It’s the best golf game period. What would you say is the best server for and English only speaker? Can you change the language to English on the Thailand server?

Acrisio SuperSS Dev Season 8 Brazil :

Pangya NewGen Season 8 Thai :

if you want to update the list.


new adress for eXtrem

A new server has been opened, Pangya Latino, based on S4.9:

FB page: Redirecting...


@pixeldesu The top post needs to be updated, if you wish and if it’s possible to give editing permissions to other users I can maintain it myself.

EDIT: The list now seems to be updated. Pangya Latino (both the webpage and the FB page) and Acrisio SuperSS seem to have been taken offline. Thanks!


Hi, I would like to add my server to the list.

Please join us!

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@Narwyn Welcome! I have now joined your Discord channel :smile:


A new brasilian server, GameRaze, based on Season 8:

Regarding Pangya Extrem, the current homepage is blocked by Firefox as a malicious website, I’d remove it from the list, this is their new website: Pangya eXtrem S8 Note that they have upgraded it to season 8.
Discord server: Pangya eXtremS8


Edit: Pangya Reborn Discord works now thanks,.

Can I get a link for the discord server?

A new brasilian server called Pangya Chronos:

The link for the client’s download has to be requested to the owner of the server’s FB page.


Pangya Infinity has been renamed to Pangya Union. While the old URL is still active, a new one has been added, its domain name without doubts brings back memories:


Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. We would like to share our server with the community.

PangYa Ex - Season 8 -

Everyone is welcome.

Welcome and thanks for sharing the URL!


I have bad news about thai pangya server…
Thai server has has been shut down every server since 12:00 (ICT) 30 April 2024 (20 year)

Welcome! Indeed, here on the forum we were closely following the news of the closure:

Luckily I was able to register and play there just in time before the closure:


This is a new, recent Thai server, running on Season 8:
TakumiPro private server
Discord invite: Takumi's Lounge