How to : register for Pangya TH Server

Hi, I don’t if this is against the rules of this community or not but I just want to tell you how to register on Pangya TH server.

  1. Go to the Pangya TH homepage

  2. On the top menu bar, you’ll see blue box with white letter that said “register”, click it

  3. And once you click it, you’ll see this page. And this is what you need to type down

  4. Once you click register, something will pop-up( I forgot to take a screenshot of it) click ok

  5. Back to the homepage, click the button right next the the register button, ‘Login’. You’ll be redirecting to this page type in your ID and password on the left side

  6. Then you will see something like this, just click OK

  7. Now here’s the hard parts, you need to fill the blank using Thai, then click the green box and the buttom

*You need to type the name(using Thai), national ID card no. and phone numbers as well. I suggested that you use Thai ID generators to generate it. For phone no., you can just type random phone numbers in, It should be ok.(Thai mobile phone numbers started with 08 or 09 and then followed by another 8 digit)

  1. If nothing’s wrong, you’ll be redirect into this, that means you’re ready to go.

And when logging in to the game, after selecting the server, you’ll see this

Here’s the explanation of each icon

  1. Notice
  2. Multiplayer Mode
  3. Single Player Mode
  4. Shop
  5. My Room
  6. Select Character
  7. Refill Cookies
  8. Mailbox
  9. Select Server
  10. Menu
  11. Close the game

And inside the no.10 Menu, here’s what inside

Here’s the description of each icons, from left to right, top to bottom

  1. Scratch Card
  2. Bongdari/Memorial Shop
  3. Tiki Shop
  4. Quest
  5. Notice
  6. Ranking
  7. Achievement
  8. Club

Please noted that the server did not have and won’t have anymore updates. They still have events, but no items update since Pangya KR closed down, so no update or anything like that. But You can find almost all of the items, wings, clubs, sets in a memorial shop. And there’s no language changing option in game as well.

The numbers of people online, when I check it was 1 PM, weekdays, in Thailand has about ~500 players online and I’m quite sure that during peak times it’ll reach almost/exceed 1000 players.

For anyone who has problem with how to register or problems with the game, feel free to contact me. I’ll help as much as I can. I just found out recently that Pangya TH official server is still operating. I’m quite surprised to be honest. I thought they’re long gone. lol.

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Hey! Please PIN this post! This is extremely helpful as I’ve been trying for so long to create an account in TH and this helped a lot!

I was so curious why this server is still alive 3 years after KR and JP has closed! Then there’s the answer! The game is still ridiculously popular in Thailand. Peak is definitely 1k+ players especially on days when there’s good events or pang/xp multiplier.

It’s nice to see PSQs and tournaments full at 30/30!!

Everybody go over here and play!

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Thanks for this guide, I have managed to register there, I’m now trying to run the game under Linux with Wine, though it will probably fail since GameGuard is known to be not supported by Wine.

If you figure out how to run it on linux PLEASE DM or @ me! I have a few friends who only use linux that I’d love to play with!

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get it running. An error message in thai appears, after that it exits. Pangya Debug (or any other unofficial server) might run though, I believe they don’t use GameGuard, I’ll give it a try and report back.


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I don’t seem to have any luck under Windows 10 as well. I have managed to install it, when starting it, the whole OS crashes while GameGuard is initializing, this has happened all the 3 times I have tried to run it. Maybe I’ll try it again on another laptop I have, in the meanwhile I have managed to install and play on Pangya Debug. I have done a quick round on Wiz City with other 3 players. Man, I missed this game.