I want to play agane!

Hello out there,
Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to ask how can i play pangya agane?
I life in Europe and i saw that the server is down and pangya also?
Is there a new server or something like that?
How can i play pangya agane? On my pc?
And will the new server save my stats?

Also can i play pangya on my mobile phone? Or ipad ??

And how can i play ?

I hope Someone will reply and i can start golf agane



First of all, here is a list of all official and private servers currently still running with links to their websites which contain more information:

And here’s a guide on how to play Pangya Mobile on PC! Guides on how to play it on mobile devices are usually all around the internet and easy to search for.

That should be enough information to get you to start golfing again!