How to play Pangya mobile on PC

Hi. I noticed there’s no topic on this yet, and some players might still want a guide since their phones might not be able to handle the game. Don’t worry, this is quick and painless.

So, what is Pangya mobile, and how do I play it on PC?

Pangya mobile is a game made for smartphones that was released in Southeast Asia one year ago. The game was tested, then soft launched in Thailand before being officially released. The game consists of different playstyles from your usual Pangya game. Instead of picking whatever character you want, you need to make a strategy for each course and stage by selecting specific characters for a team of three. All game modes consist of up to three rounds. Each character is one of three different types, Power, Accuracy, or Putter. Anyway, enough about that. Let’s get this started.

How to play on PC:

In order to play any APK file on PC, you need an emulator. These are small sandboxes that run Android OS, and allow you to run games pretty efficiently. The two most used would be Bluestacks and Nox. For Pangya mobile, I found Nox ran it much better at this point in time.


Download the installer, and run the program. You can even change settings for keystrokes and which device you want this to be detected as.

“I can’t download the APK because my region isn’t allowed to access it.”

You can download a VPN for mobile to use on your emulator, or look for a third-party app site. Two third party app sites I’d recommend are Aptoide and ApkPure for the latest version(You’ll need to do this each app client update). I refuse to link these. Find them on your own.

Now, if you have the APK in your downloads folder, and you have your emulator running, just go to your download folder, grab the APK, and drag it to the emulator. It will install the app onto the emulator, and you should be able to run it. Click the app, then input whatever social media you prefer to use. Congrats. You can now play.

“I can’t play this without frame issues and crashes. What gives?”

The emulator requires usage of part of your RAM to work properly. You can change the size of memory you use in settings. Another issue may be graphics. Turn the settings down, then see if there’s a difference.

The last issue is caused by vsync and power supply settings. Go to your control panel and find the GPU control panel you have. Change the vsync settings to OFF, then apply and close. The power options are located in Control Panel as well. For Windows, it should look like a battery. Click that, then go to “More options”. You should see a setting called High Performance. This allows the computer to run faster, but requires more power usage(Not too much though). Click High Performance, then apply and close. You should now be able to run the game more efficiently with better framerates.

“I changed the Power settings to High Performance, but my computer keeps crashing or shutting off.”

That’s a hardware issue caused by an inefficient power supply. Either get one with slightly higher wattage, or turn your power settings back to their defaults and turn the graphics down on Pangya mobile.

If necessary, I’ll add screenshots later.

EDIT: Make sure you’re not using a potato to run Pangya mobile unless you want to run it on low settings in general. The GPU and CPU are definitely used quite a bit depending on your setup and options.

Another thing. I forgot to mention that shrinking the emulator’s window down in size will also help apps run faster.

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Nox I have forced to 60FPS cause problems likely graphic error I use Bluestacks instead off I change to 60 FPS no graphic problems but it load slow even I install on SSD

My Computer spec

CPU Core i5 4440
RAM Kingston HyperX 8GB x2 bus 1866
MB Asus H97M-E
Drive SSD Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB M2 Samsung 970 EVO 1TB WD Blue 2TB WD Green 1TB
PSU Corsair RM750