Pangya Portable Limited Edition/Physical Soundtrack?

Hello! Very new forum user here, and I wanted to ask - is there still any feasible way to get my hands on the Pangya Portable Limited Edition box or Original Soundtrack? For the past few hours, I’ve been scouring Korean and Japanese marketplaces and Ebay with no success. I absolutely adore this game’s music and would do many things to have a physical copy of the soundtrack :pensive:

This unboxing video was recently uploaded (four months before the writing of this post), which leads me to believe that the limited edition is still circulating in the secondhand market.

I have found this after a search, seems to be still available: 駿河屋 - 【買取】韓国版 FANTASY GOLF PANGYA PORTABLE [LIMITED EDITION] (国内版本体動作可)(プレイステーション・ポータブル)


Thank you, Varthall! Unfortunately, this seems to be a page to sell the limited edition to Surugaya, not buy. The listed price is what they’ll give you if you ship it to them :sob:

I’ll keep looking in the meantime! Again, thank you for your help.

I found this in my collection

I believe this is the 2013 release of the original Pangya’s soundtrack!

it was in this

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anyone have an invite for the discord?

Which one? If you’re talking about Pangya Reborn, it’s in this thread :slight_smile: Welcome to Pangya Reborn!

It says invite invalid, I think the link expired.

I would request a new invite in the thread, then

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Sorry, I should have read it better. I’ll keep looking too. I have now learned on the japanese wiki page that the Limited Edition was only release in Korea, and that there was a Limited Special Edition too which included a PSP-3005.