Welcome to Pangya Reborn!


Hi my name is DraxTehGolfer.
I am a moderator for the Pangya Reborn server and I am here to expand interest and get the word out about this brand new Pangya private server.

It is called Pangya Reborn.
We are currently running the Season 8 server known as Pangya Fresh Up, the final season before Pangya Global ultimately perished, the only server that remains alive officially is Pangya Thailand.

To join our discord please use the following link.
We want a nice player count to keep the game gauged with interest.

To visit our website see below.

Use the website to create your Pangya Reborn game account so you’ll be able to login to the game.

Pangya Reborn is built off the Pangya JP client so it all needed translating or replacing, our Game Master known as Narwyn has been working diligently translating and replacing files from Japanese to English.

The server has not long been in development but in the short time it has come around in spades and offers everything Pangya Global did.

Here are the additions that make this THE best way to experience Pangya like the days of old in Pangya Global.

Quite literally as the title says.
Every single mode from global is here.

Versus Mode
Match Mode
Practice Mode with Grand Zodiac practice
Special Shuffle Courses
Grand Prixs
Approach Mode
Pang Battle
Guild Battle
Grand Zodiac AKA Hole In One Mode.

For Global players for the first time you will able to experience the new course they added into Pangya JP and beyond after Pangya Global unfortunately met its end back in 2016. It is known as Mystic Ruins and it is a very challenging course and will test what you know about Pangya.

We are using a launcher to supply updates very similar to what Pangya Global did, minus GameGuard of course.

We are aiming to leave Beta state in May 2023.
We have been testing out all the above modes for any potential issues and so far we are happy with its progress that we are on point for our May launch window.

We at current state are offering a free to play and everything you see in the game, is earnable just by playing the game, no donations are required at this point in time but it may change if we need to support keeping the server alive.

There is much to say but at present i do not possess the time. Hope to see you on the tee!

-DraxTehGolfer [Moderation Team of Pangya Reborn]


Great, thanks for all your work! I’m eager to try the Mystic Ruins course, as I missed it back in the days (even if I still had my account in the JP server, I just didn’t have time to play there).
If I have understood correctly, the whole game has been translated from scratch… I wonder why the already existing english translation from Pangya Debug has not been used instead? Was is because it has not been made available, or because the translation is only partial?
Another question… do you maybe have a copy of the database containing the original JP accounts? If so, it could be possible to ask to retrieve our old accounts?


I dont think thats possible. But youll have to ask Narwyn that one im in the dark about if JP accounts work but I imagine they dont.

Pangya Debugs translations have some pretty badly translated stuff. Thats why we are translating from scratch. Although some stuff is from debug like the translations for the MP Artefacts.

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I see, thanks for the reply. I’d really love to see at least what level I have reached, how many PP I had and who were the other members of my guild (GAO), but I understand it won’t be possible maybe because the database structure has been modified or simplified in the meanwhile. Now that I remember I never managed to login into my account after the IP lock, since I could’t find a working VPN.


Like i said youll have to ask Narwyn about all that.
He is the game master and server owner.
I only maintain the peace, answer help questions if i can and soon to host in game events like probably Tee Time with the GMs and Grand Zodiac.

But i hope youll enjoy Pangya Reborn.

I played a couple of 18 Holes today and Pangya Reborn is coming along so nicely!!!
Really hits me in the feels since i played Alba18 and Pangya all those years ago.
I suck now, but the game doesn’t! So id definitely recommend you coming to check it out if you are reading these comments

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Hopefully we get some publicity for this.

I have now logged in, and everything looks great! I have noticed a couple of untranslated/wrongly formatted windows, if it would help you I can report them as soon as I see them, unless they’re already known and being fixed, let me know.


Links on your website are broken. I can’t login, I can’t download, and I can’t even load the rules channel on your discord. The server looks totally blank with no visible channels, and no way to accept the rules.

I would love to play if you get this sorted out. I am in the server now, just can’t see anything.


Hi MisterT, I have now relayed your post to the server’s admins, they’ll try to help you out.

The download link on the webpage isn’t working yet since the server is still in beta stage, so the client’s link is, for now, being shared only via the Discord channel (#download-register).

BTW are you the same user that has posted about the same issues on the related Reddit thread?


This seems to be a permission issue on the #rules channel, I have reproduced the issue, the admin has been notified, sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: the issue has been fixed, you should be able to accept them now, thanks for your patience, please try to log in again.


It works now thanks,

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Thank you for all your support and joining us on this venture!

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Beta ended, the official server is now up! No need to redownload the client. Thanks Narwyn for all your hard work!


We’ve been growing and growing, with over 300 users.
Its recieved numerous updates and many Events have come and gone, but the ones after May were not hosted by me and thats because… well… I unfortunately no longer can host events, as of May 2023 my GM status was revoked.

This is partly my fault as i was taking time off of the role to combat some emotional distress i had, gotta admit i was sad and disappointed i was outright revoked and not given temporary leave or something.
Maybe in the future ill be able to again, but it was good while it lasted i suppose.

I dont play Pangya a whole lot these days and my guild has become very inactive since I no longer am a GM either. And to tell the truth since it happened I kinda lost all my desire to play if im being honest. I play with my friends sometimes but thats about it.

Maybe youll see me in the future but if not it may be because i have once again left the Pangya community.


Please ignore the above.
I… was lacking sleep and my mind wandered intp dark place again.
I am not quitting the game, i am not mad about anything. My GM status was temporarily removed and ill probably be back at it again

I hope everything will be good.

Take your time, health is and must be anyone’s priority. Hope to see you back someday on the greens.


is the server still working?

Yes, the server is operating as usual.