Migrating content from legacy wikis

One task that could be pretty straight-forward is migrating content from the older wikis over to pangya.wiki.

One wiki that is fairly complete on the Wayback Machine is the old GameRage wiki, which can be accessed here:

I think there also was another Wiki, of which I don’t remember the URL of, maybe @Varthall remembers.

Most things probably can be migrated as-is, layout/structural adjustments could be made later.

If you want to migrate a category of pages and have some questions regarding getting started, feel free to reply to this post!

There’s also my own mirror of the wiki which I made shortly before it was taken offline, it lacks all the images but at least might have more pages stored:

I believe there’s also lots of info on the japanese wiki on namu that has never been translated to english:



While searching for more info on Pangya regions, I also found this chinese/taiwanese wiki for Pangya, could be potentially useful as well