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Hi there, Varthall here.
I’m also a long time Pangya player. I started back in 2005 (if I remember correctly) when I read about it on the Insert Coin games portal. Back at that time only the Korean and Japanese server existed, and Kooh has just been introduced on the JPN server. The Korean version needed a Korean personal ID to join, so the only option to play it was on the Japanese server. I joined there, following a how-to guide someone published online, and joined a guild called GAO which gathered all the non-japanese players. I frequently posted on the forum, (its admin was Uchocobo if anyone remembers him!), sadly it only lasted for a year or so, when Albatross18 was announced. I joined its beta testing program, for a period I played both on there and in Japan, until I was forced to leave the latter server when they implemented a regional IP block.
Since I was already playing in the US server I never played in the EU one, then I switched to Pangya Global when Alba18 was closed down, where I was a member of the ForThePlayer guild. During this time I was the admin of the Pangya page on Frappr, a social portal where every registered user was pinned on a world map, so that you could get in touch with other players from your area. I still have the database dump of that page stored somewhere…
Nowadays I have unfortunately very little free time, anyway I’m trying to install Pangya Mobile on my smartphone (the version on Aptoide is unfortunately out of date since a couple of weeks, and the client can’t be updated). I’m also trying to get Wine running on my Linux laptop and see if I’ll manage to make Pangya Celebrity to run on it.
I’m very happy to see the community starting again to grow, and to see ongoing development on Pangya related tools. My biggest dream would be to see one day an open source reimplementation of the game, with the possibility to switch between seasons and/or different graphic layouts, that would be a great nostalgia trip!
Oh and every evening I log into the #pangya channel on, although there’s not much activity there. I’ll make sure to post the link to this forum on the channel’s topic :slight_smile:

Last but not least, what this forum absolutely needs are Pangya emoticons :smiley: /me imagines a jumping and laughing smileys right here


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Moved your introduction into it’s own thread, just to keep stuff a bit cleaner :tongue:

Welcome! :pang:

First of all, thanks for registering, glad to see more people coming over here, so it hopefully gets a bit more lively over time, the community is spread out across many places so I hope to unite them here again!

Looks like you had quite the history with Pangya, playing on all those different servers.

About the reimplementation, that’s probably a big dream, but something along the lines of OpenRCT/TTD for Pangya would be awesome in the future. Maybe we can lay the groundwork with research around the game here, who knows!

Thanks for your warm welcome, and for moving the post in a new thread, I should have done this in the first place… And I have totally missed the “custom smileys”, yay :laughter_animated: Maybe we could make them the default smileys and place them at the top of the list.
I also believe that all the research which you are publishing here will be useful for a potential future reimplementation of the game. If it might be useful, I should still have some backups of various installed versions of the JP, US and global versions, they could be used to retrieve all the assets of the game. Also, before the closure of the Global server I made a mirror of the wiki pages, I remember it was fairly complete and well maintained.

That mirror would be interesting indeed. You can still access archived version of both the Ntreev and Gamerage wiki which I used to collect some information, but a lot of pages just didn’t get saved and so there’s a lot of stuff missing.

Building one “final” wiki is also on the roadmap, but I’m still thinking on how exactly I want to realize that.

I’ll try to see if I can upload the archive somewhere online this evening. I remember that some images were missing, but hopefully they can be retrieved from

Here’s the archive of the wiki’s mirror:

Unfortunately, it looks like no image has been fetched, the mirroring tool was probably blocked by the wiki server. Many of these images are however available on, I might try to recover them and make the mirror complete.

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Just for the record, this was the news item on insert credit (not insert coin, as I previously wrongly wrote) which introduced me to Pangya:

3rd February 2005. How time flies.