Working VPN for Pangya Mobile?


I’m trying to find a working VPN based in Thailand, so that I can play Pangya Online on my smartphone. I have already tried TunnelBear, which doesn’t have any Thai server, same for Thailand VPN (despite its name!). Can anyone recommend me one?


Hmm, I haven’t really used VPNs much outside of work so I can’t really recommend some personally, buuut:

I checked on some VPN services that a lot of YouTubers currently get marketed off the hell (a good source of eventually cheap memberships due to discount codes).

From what I’ve seen, NordVPN ( has servers in Thailand, so that might be a good starting point? I’ll probably ask someone to hop on here and maybe give some feedback!

You don’t need to use a VPN for Pangya Mobile, just a way to download the app. Android is easy enough with an external APK service, and for iOS you just need to create/change your account region to any SEA country.