Why was it renamed to Albatross18 in the US?

I have always wondered why it they have chosen to change its name when they opened the US server? Was it because the name was already patented there, or because the name wasn’t easily pronounceable for English speakers? Although in the EU it has kept the original name.
Btw I have read a couple of posts of old players who know this game only by this name, they probably never knew it was known as Pangya elsewhere.



I honestly don’t know, maybe it was a very strange word for English speakers but the word is not difficult to pronounce. It’s very strange why they chose the name albatross18 because the word albatross is something only people who play golf know.

Pangya (korean “Bang!”) is no real word (but an onomatopoeia) and can hardly be translated. If you translated it it might make the title less decriptive or make it misleading in its meaning. :nerd_face:

Hence they probably decided to change the title to something golf related (“Albatross” = 3 under par and ‘18’ = the maximum number of holes on a standard golf course). :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

[Fun Fact: it’s called “Albatross” only in the UK! In the USA it is called “Double Eagle” … so they even messed up that translation to make the title more descriptive! :laughing: )

At least that would be my guess for the decision … change the title to something that makes clear (or rather clearly indicates) “This is a golf game!” … it’s all about the :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

You’re right, “Pangya” maybe sounded too weird to English speakers. They probably kept Albatross in order not to mess to much with the various global versions.


Yeah, I guess so … and if you translated it to “Bang! Fantasy Golf” or something it sounds a little like some hentai title maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So no good either, aye?

:laughter_animated: Maybe “Kaboom” would have sound better, but then people would have mistaken it for a military-themed game…


Let’s look at the classic Batman TV series and check for alternatives … all together now, in alphabetical order, please: :nerd_face:

batman 360p

Well … what do you think about “Boff! Fantasy Golf” or maybe “Kablam! Golf”? :face_with_spiral_eyes: Or let’s be creative: “Shprazowts! 18 holes of fate” :crazy_face:

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