Who Still Plays/Discord Server

I miss Pangya so much. I still talk to some GMs from back then. Tbh been busy with life, but was sad to see how many private servers dwindled in population, specifically english servers. There is debug, but it is very buggy and not many people play it which is disheartening. I did see ways to set up server, but can’t do it alone cause development’s rough (Funny since I am a SWE myself) :confused: And I just wish it was revived. Grand Chase got revived but flopped majorly. So yeah…

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Hi and welcome! I’d give a go to the other servers too: https://pangya.community/t/list-of-pangya-servers/
One day I’d like to check how many players are on each of them, though I suspect none of them will have many active players. I believe the Thai server is the most used one, too bad it’s not in english.
I still check from time to time the korean news portals for any news about Pangya M. I believe a PC + mobile version would be the best solution: the PC version would be the best platform to play the game, while the mobile one would attract most of the players.


There’s not too much to check in that regard, back last year they announced development has been stopped:

Yes, I remember that news, though I still have hopes that it will be only a temporary suspension. Only time will tell.


Hello guys~

Just recently found out about this community site, I came to visit here because I was looking for the server PangYa Celebrity but I have been playing Pangya Siam (Thai) for more than a week now.

Just wondering if anyone knows if PangYa Celebrity exists or any updates from the server?

And if you’re also looking for a new PangYa to play, I highly recommend PangYa Siam or PangYa Debug :3 ~

Have a good day everyone <3

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Hi and welcome! Apparently at least the Pangya Celebrity’s webpage is again online:

Their latest news item is dated 15th Oct. 2022, so their server might be again online. Unfortunately I’m unable to check their Discord channel, the only invite I could find is now expired.
I’d also like to play on Pangya Siam, but when last time I tried to login there it was crashing my entire Windows setup. Now I’m trying to setup Windows under a VM, I’ll see if this time I’ll manage to login.


Hello if you want to experience a Pangya experience like Global.

Feel free to check out our page on Pangya Reborn!

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