What's your favorite Pangya course?

  • Abbot Mine
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Moon
  • Blue Water
  • Deep Inferno
  • Eastern Valley
  • Grand Zodiac
  • Ice Cannon
  • Ice Inferno
  • Ice Spa
  • Lost Seaway
  • Mystic Ruins
  • Pink Wind
  • Sepia Wind
  • Shining Sand
  • Silvia Cannon
  • West Wiz
  • White Wiz
  • Wind Hill
  • Wiz City
  • Wiz Wiz

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First community poll I’m doing. Generally an interesting question to see what the people favored in all those years and also quite interesting that Pangya amassed 21 courses (or 20 without Grand Zodiac, which I still included in the poll).

If you want to, aside of voting, you can write a reply to this post stating why exactly you liked your choice the most, tell memories, whatever you want to, basically!

My favorite is Ice Spa because I probably have the fondest memories with that one, it’s not really a hard course, but I had a lot of fun times with friends on it, hanging around on TeamSpeak servers back then. It generally being relatively chill and a more laidback course it also was definitely more made for myself, as I’m more of a casual player. I’m pretty sure I also got my first Hole-in-One on this course!

for me ICE SPA is an excellent map to begin as a beginner because it has several deviations, places and points where you use strategy of game and get better results

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Even though Mystic Ruins was short lived and Japan exclusive, there’s something so unique and fun about its atmosphere.

Especially seeing things like the UFO’s coming to life, which ties back into the fossilized UFO’s found in Shining Sands as ruins.

I believe Wiz City is Pangya’s most beautiful course to date.

Though if we’re talking about playing the game, Ice Cannon was one of the first courses I enjoyed playing. Ice is fun.

Blue Moon was the course on which I’d typically spend most of my time in Lounges when just talking with friends, so for that reason it’s one of my favorites if only for sentimental reasons.

Otherwise, I enjoyed Ice Spa for the satisfaction of getting all 'dat pannngggg.