was in github when I previewed the lib PangCrypt
lib works
compress 99% (I do not know, it looks good, but it lacks more settings)
decompress OK (very good)
DemoLogin Server OK(give to start)

I tested it on GameServer

I tested a file that contains 20k in packet
when this packet reached Encrypt
returned me 6k in encrypted data

I tested the same file in Delphi encrypt
returned me 4k in encrypted data


dataFiles Compressed

Yeah, the LZO code is based on a C# port of MiniLZO. There are likely improvements to the compression ratio that could be made by rewriting the LZO implementation. My plan is to write my own LZO implementation from scratch.

While the Pascal library may achieve better compression ratio, my goal is to write better, hopefully more understandable code, and compression ratio is mostly a secondary concern. Still, I plan to address it eventually.

The Go version may be more interesting. It’s at Pangbox/pangcrypt.

yes, in my tests compress minilzo worked as expected, but when dealing with larger values the compression is not enough.
I hope it ends ^^