The Lore of Pangya

Something that has interested me quite a while is the lore of Pangya.

People might now go like “What, this online golf game has a lore?” and, while the online game portion only ever so displays the smallest part of it, the different game releases across the PSP and Wii include more bits of background story and relationships.

Use this topic to discuss the lore and your ideas/findings!

Some key points we could focus on:

  • The overarching lore of Pangya and Pangya Island
  • Locations of Pangya Island
  • Backgrounds of characters
  • Relationships between characters
  • Relationships of characters to courses

If you don’t have the games at hand, here’s all the dialogue from the Pangya games:

Note: The Wii games dialogue doesn’t really have references to who is speaking, so it might be a bit tough to read through it, sometimes you can read some pointers in the dialogue, otherwise it’s probably just shown in the game.

Late post, but what really interested me is that there were 21 demon lords in the story in the PSP game. I still want to know who the other 20 were, and if we would’ve ever seen them in the styory at some point. A shame that never came to be…

There’s never too late, there hasn’t been any discussion yet either :tongue:

I’m not really sure if it really matters who exactly the demon lords were, their main tie to Pangya Island etc. is that they reign chaos on the Island for the time they are there.

Every game is, let’s say, in the “peaceful period” with no demon lord existing. In the PSP game we get explained how Karen offers her life so that Kaz doesn’t become the new Demon Lord and Kaz always just being the “suitable vessel”, with his showcase of power. The game ends with Karen’s spirit being used in a ritual to return Deep Inferno to the surface, which is only partially interrupted by Kaz and Cadie as they lose her spirit regardless.

I can send Mobile Story? I have mobile file

I hope. I built railroad (railway) on This island

Sure, feel free to send it here, I’ll link it in the main thread then!

The Mobile story isn’t really connected to the PC/console “lore”, but having it available is definitely interesting!

Script store Mobile but may reference to it predecessors.