The Hio-pangya forum... does anybody remember it?

The HIO-Pangya forum was the second (after english Pangya forum. It was opened on 28.8.2005 and it lasted only until July/August 2006, when it was apparently hacked and put offline. The forum’s admin decided at the time to not put it back online, since most of the people has in the meanwhile switched to the official Albatross18 forum. I’d love to see it back online to read all those old posts, for nostalgic reasons. People I remember from that period were the admin (Hio-Pangya), Uchocobo (he did a serie of tutorials for each course, he later moved them on the A18 forum), KitchymooUK, Chun (if I’m not mistaken he was the author of the Pangya Radio podcasts) and Elizabeth.

Was anybody here registered there, or know the whereabouts of the admin/moderators?

Some screenshots and links, courtesy of

Main page:

Main forum’s page:

The first page of the members list:

One of the subforums:

Two example threads:


All the other archived posts are here, if you want to take a look:*/*

They start from page 13, they all have “viewtopic” in the URL.