The first Mobile Pangya game, released in 2005!

Probably nobody remembers this. Pangya Mobile wasn’t the first version of the game for phones: there was a earlier attempt called (alternatively) “Mobile Pangya 2D” or “Pangya Mobile 2D”. Developed for 2005’s era phones (most likely in Java), it was a 2D/pseudo 3D game with two different modes: Vs mode (similar to Family mode) and HIO mode. It was probably a single player game only, but it apparently included everything from the PC game: items, characters, aztecs, equipment and special shots.

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To further motivate people to play it, it had an interesting option to transfer all the earned pang from the mobile to the PC version:

According to the archived pages on, the game was launched on 30th August 2005. In August 2006, when season 3 was released, the pang transfer feature was removed. It was a Korea-only game, the global Albatross18 server never released it.

This looks like a promotional mock-up image of the game, phones at the time didn’t have that good graphics yet…

I have been unable to find any other screenshot, I’ll post them if I’ll find any. It would be interesting to find a video or even the archive of the game, no idea if there are emulators for mobile games of that era though.

Source on Albatross18/Pangya Fan Forum :: View topic - Moblie Pangya (2D)


Hello there ! I’ll try to find the game too but on android there’s this app called J2ME loader where you can emulate java games.
If someone knows the how you write Pangya in korean that’d help a lot :smile:

Hi and welcome! It’s spelled 팡야 : 팡야 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전 The above linked page calls it “팡야 모바일 2D” (Pangya Mobail 2D). Looking forward for it, it would be cool to give it a try and have it preserved here.

According to this press release, the game was developed in 2005 by Gretech Co., Ltd.: Website: .


Hi, didn’t found the game yet, but another name would be Pangya Battle, here’s some more pictures :

See you soon !

Nice find! This seems to have been a follow-up to Pangya Mobile, and it was released the year after, in June 2006.

(Google Translate text)
"‘Pangya Battle’ is a popular online game by Gratech as a follow-up to ‘Mobile Pangya’, which brought ‘Pangya’ to mobile, the competition of the original ‘Pangya’. The mode was perfectly implemented as a semi-network type mobile game. Introducing the “Ranking among user” system, showing the ranking at the end of each hole, enabling ranking competition, plus the charge burden of network games is reduced.

In addition, the existing ‘Pangya’ shot system was added to the mobile version. Optimized to fit, as well as special shots such as cobra shots and power shots, along with spectacular directing effects. You can feel it as it is on your mobile phone. In addition, you can upgrade the ability of existing caddies. The fun factor of each character is strengthened by differentiating the ability value and specialty according to the characteristics of the caddy."


Okay so there seems to be another game too, released only with the Anycall Haptic 2 phone (a branch from samsung):

Youtube video

But couldn’t find any download too :cry:

At least for that one we have a video, so we can see it running. I have given a quick search in this archive, without luck: Huge Java Mobile Game Dump (67,000 files) : cjrobe : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


I have an exciting update for this thread! Acrisio has found and released on the #retreev Discord channel a copy of the Pangya Cup game for Windows Mobile phones! Quiting Acrisio himself:

“I had forgotten that I had on my SD card of my old Samsung Windows Mobile Pangya Windows Mobile (WM), I had downloaded it at the time KR launched it, but my Samsung did not support it, until today it was on my SD card. I will see if you will find any Windows Mobile CE 6.1 emulator, I’ll leave it here for anyone who wants it.(…) Architecture is ARM32:LE Windows. Pdb string inside the .exe says ARMV4I.”

With Acrisio’s permission I have uploaded it on my Google Drive account, you can download the archive from here:

The next step would be now to find a working Windows Mobile emulator and try to run the game. I have taken a look at the files inside the archive, there are some .wav files with the sound effect used in the game, plus some low quality 30 second shorter version of some of the BGM, which have apparently been rearranged using standard MIDI instruments. IMHO the new version of the Deep Inferno track has lots of SNES RPG music vibes in it.

Thanks Acrisio for recovering and sharing this game, I hope we’ll someday able to find the remaining two ones!


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This is really interesting.
Not once did this pop up during my search for Pangya games, so it must’ve really been a relic among the series.

Cool to hear MIDI renditions of some of the tracks!