Tee Time with GM - 23rd September 2022 on Pangya Debug

(Reposting from the Pangya Debug Discord server)

Hi @everyone

There will be a GM Tournament Event as planned on 23 September 2022 16:00 (Session 1) and 23 September 2022 16:40 (Session 2)
Timer : webCountdown.net: Pangya Debug - GM Event Session 1 (Session 1)
Timer : webCountdown.net: Pangya Debug - GM Event Session 2 (Session 2)
Live Streaming Website : Twitch

GM Event will be held in GM Event 1 Server
Be sure to stay in the room until the Game Master gives out the prizes !!!
See you at the green!!

Rank 1st - 5th Position will receive Pro 7 Trophy
Rank 1 receives Pro 7 Gold Trophy
Rank 2 & 3 receives Pro 7 Silver Trophy
Rank 4 - 5 receives Pro 7 Bronze Trophy

Mission Challenge :
Mission 1 : 3 Player that has nearest below or equals pang 3300 with minimum score -15
Reward : Red Chiffon Mini Dress Set (A)
VIP Reward : Zodiac Swimwear Set (M)
Mission 1 Winner will receive Pro 2 Trophy (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
Special Jackpot Prize : if player can achieve precisely 3300/3297/3175/3053 will receive additional 1x Premium Event Lucky Box
Mission 2 : Player that has last digit pang ODD number (example 1,3,5,7,9) Pang 0 (AFK) not included
Reward : 5 Gacha Coin + Summer 2022 Surprise Box
Mission 3 : Player that has last digit pang same with GM last digit pang
Reward : Max 2022 Birthday Box
Special GM Mission:
1 Player each that got nearest rank above and nearest rank below of GM Rank
Reward : Pro 1 Gold Trophy + Arin 2B Set (A)
*) Lucky Winner : 3 Lucky Position will be decided randomly after event finish
Reward : Luxury Gold Club Set


  • This week, Reward of Mission 1 and GM Mission CANNOT be GIFTED to other player in same session/different session
  • To be nominated as winner of Mission 1 & Special GM Mission, player should finish all 18 hole tournament.
  • Player can request to join another Session if DC when start the tournament - Please notify GM
  • Compensation will be given to player that DC on starting last session and player that dc in the middle of session.

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