Structure for Seasons

This is something I already started adding to the wiki as some baseline and testing content, see Category:Seasons

They don’t contain all too much yet, only a short sentence describing the season and an infobox for when a season was released in a specific region.

Here’s a raw outline of what I could imagine for the content of season pages

[Short season description text]

== Changes since previous season ==

=== [Type of change] ===

[List of changes for type]


  • [Short season description text] is describing the season as best as possible. If it has a special name, why was it called that way, or any other info if it’s available
  • [Type of change] could be anything from Game Mechanics, Game Systems, Courses, Characters whatsoever.

To find data to put on the seasons pages, you can use the non-english Wikipedia articles around Pangya, their timelines are quite extensive:

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I agree with the template. I seem to recall that the changes between seasons were not the same across all the servers, IMHO we should tag each change if it’s specific only for one or more servers.
How do we coordinate the work? Should we announce here what we are working on before starting and when we are done, so that there won’t be two or more people working at the same time on the same section?


I guess we can coordinate in the forum, we’ll probably open more topics for specific types of pages or categories, and in there people could announce when they work on something that has a higher likelihood of collissions.

We could also open a channel on the Discord server for that, if realtime discussion is required (I guess it wouldn’t hurt either way), but I’d like discussions around content and structure to be more public than there!

While rummaging through the old wiki I actually made another discovery.

The official Pangya wiki actually had info on all Pangya seasons (from 4 onwards), so we can technically migrate those over and use the structure similarly to theirs.

I think we can strip a lot of the region specific stuff from the infobox however, and put region-spanning info there.

Region runtime isn’t too interesting, but the initial release is.

There of course still is the fact that some regions got content at different points in time, but only rarely were there feature changes that took over a season to arrive somewhere else.

(I think the only time a game system was noticeable late was the guild system arriving only in S4 in Europe?)