Ranu (The mouthy, inactive Pangya player)

Hello everyone. I’m not sure how many know me or not, but it’s great to meet you. A shame this community is quite…uhm… tiny, for now. :sweat_animated: I hope we get more people at some point.

Anyway, my name on Pangya is Ranu, or :heartbeat: Ranu :heartbeat:. I used to go by the name Ranu76 in Alba due to the fact my name was taken, and the name I wanted to use was considered inappropriate because of unintentional spelling. You know, like Ntreev used to have their censors. ***an Boo, anyone? :lol:

During OGP days when I was in High School, I would always come home to look forward to a game or two on Alba. It didn’t matter what language you spoke, I’d gladly join in, even if I was a huge nooblet at the time. Some of the first players I met were French and German, and they were actually quite nice. Sure, I may not have understood them that easily, but it was fun getting to know them.

A guild I used to be in for a while in Alba S3 and Pangya was FTP. Not sure if anyone remembers that old guild. One of the events that would happen for a few members in there was hosted by Just4Yoshi, a Pangya and Cabal player who would host quizzes and “No item” VS rooms. Yoshi eventually left completely for Cabal, and to this day I miss playing with them.

During the era of Ntreev, however, my interest in Pangya became an on-and-off occurrence. It was usually due to school or because the management was being a bit too lootbox-happy, and time booster prices were still atrocious. Let’s be honest. :lol: Though, I would usually stay on the Ntreev/SG Interactive portal for both Trickster and Grand Chase as well. So, I would eventually get back to Pangya. There was no way to escape.

There were also a few blogs I followed. Some of you might remember the old ranty breadmasterlee(Who still posts on her blog. I’m not kidding.), and Sweatdrop/Pepperoholic(As for old Rich here, he moved to TERA and goes by the name Yosha now. You can easily find him by searching for some of his old Pangya videos.), Tiki’s Spellbook, which didn’t last too long after Ntreev took over Pangya’s publishing, and Falling Flowers with Pangya(Which also died out early). When each of these died out, I had no choice but to try figuring out what was going on by myself, then read a few site updates from other versions. However, after a while, I noticed Papel PodCast. At the time, this channel wasn’t well-known, but it eventually blew up after things got really bad for Pangya in general.

That was the time when I came into the picture, I guess. I was concerned about Pangya for a while, and found Michael on skype. As we spoke, we eventually hit it off. He still has hopes for Pangya mobile, and still respects the devs. I don’t blame him. Ntreev came from very humble roots, then evolved after being invested in by other companies. There used to be a whole catalog of games they helped out with, and they used to show titles from the old sister company Sonnori(If you find the Trickster beta files, you’ll find this signature as a registry entry that is detected as an error). Ntreev was also responsible for an online title we never officially got here(But it would’ve put Star Stable to shame! :smile:)

Along with Michael, I met Hachi. We met when playing on Pangya JP, and he was a lot of fun to talk to. In fact, I’d love to get in contact with him again. I just hope he’s doing okay irl. Last I remembered, he was trying to do other Let’s Plays. I can DM a shameless plug to his channel if anyone wants it.

EDIT: Wow. I just saw his channels and noticed a bunch of videos are missing. Either he privated them, or cleaned them out, even videos when I was playing with him are gone. WTF? :shocked: I hope he doesn’t think I hated him or something. -A-;;

Anyway, it’s nice to meet you. I hope to see more activity on here in the future.

Pangya server IGNs:

Celebrity: Ranu
Debug: Ranu
PiXeL: Ranu (Yes, I’ll gladly play with Brazilians. You guys are one of the most passionate Pangya communities I’ve met. :smile:)

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Welcome to the site, Ranu! :pang:

Yeah, the community is rather small right now, but we’re barely 4 months in and Pangya always has been rather small, now with all the private servers and official closures, the remaining people are scattered everywhere, so I hope it gets traction over time again!

I can agree on how splintered and divided the community is. Especially by language barrier, server communities, social media, etc. Last I checked, a lot of the Pangya community from global still use facebook(Though I’d really suggest jumping ship due to privacy concerns), and it might be best to plug the site a few times. From what I can tell, the Pangya community goes wherever there’s a crowd, or they all deal with real life BS forcing them to not be able to play. If a server doesn’t have much activity, then not many will bother coming on. No offense.