Pangya Server C#

this is a remake of the hsreina server that was made delphi / pascal and converted into the .net C#

still has no method of how it can be pushed
but it already has some of the encry encrypt / decrypt of the pangya packets

Pangya Server Project C#

Yeah, i ran across this already while researching Pangya repositories on GitHub.

But the original creators don’t really seem interested in it anymore, as the repository seems to be abandoned with no commits in 2 years.

The encryption part is definitely interesting, but I know @jchw is rewriting his Go library to .NET Core, so we probably have a cleaner library available soon!

yes, according to his own said that the project is stopped because he is with other servers and their sources.

I’m a low level programmer, but I program my way and got help from a great friend who also develops in C#
we have a pangya server all in C#
Login Server (100%)
GameServer (40% some functions are not ready)
MessengerServer (20%)
AuthServer (under construction)

I am BR^^