Pangya M development halted :(

According to an article from last February, the development of Pangya M has been halted, though thankfully not cancelled. I hope they’ll restart the development as soon as possible!

Rough Google Translate translation:

The development of casual golf game ‘Pangya M’, which was being developed by NtreevSoft, a subsidiary of NCSoft, has been discontinued. This is to review the direction and business strategy of the game.

On the 25th, NCsoft announced that the development of Pangya M was stopped. An official of NCsoft said, “This is the first time that we have made an official position.” He said, “EntribSoft is reviewing the Pangya IP business strategy and the direction of the game.”

Pangya M is a casual golf game using Pangya IP, and was first unveiled at Trinity Wave, a new NCsoft presentation in 2020. When it was released, there was a lot of interest as it was a very popular series all over the world. In the end, through this announcement, the development was officially halted.

However, as the development is currently suspended and not canceled at all, there is a possibility that development will be resumed after re-establishing the direction in the future.

On the other hand, on the 14th, NCsoft unveiled a number of new titles being prepared by the company, such as Project E, Project R, Project M, BSS, and Throne and Liberty.


Shame they’ve halted development, but it’s good to see some news about the game rather than the long silence we’ve had for ages. I hope they’re thinking about retooling it into a console or PC focused game instead. What I played of the old version of Pangya Mobile (during LINE’s open beta) was interesting, but I don’t really care for the monetization model of mobile games. Basically all the clothes and clubs were behind random gacha, with no way to buy anything directly like in all the other versions of Pangya.

I followed the development of Pangya Mobile, and so Pangya M from its announcement at Trinity Wave (a big “rebrand” keynote like event where NCsoft announced a lot of new games)

Most of the games have been delayed, or halted, but in a difference to Pangya, the other games have received a lot of continued coverage in terms of marketing material after Trinity Wave. Pangya received 3 videos. One being the actual announcement, another one showing the “entire” history of Pangya and the final one was an advert that made a joke of people that calculated in Pangya PC.

In general, NCsofts push for the “M games” went bad, and the possibility for us to receive a Pangya game wanes further and further.

NCsoft has trust in Pangya, we can see that because they are still trying, but I wonder how often they see that’s worth to attempt.

They have chosen a strange monetization model. At least on Brawl Stars you are able to directly buy items, although only a selection of them for a limited time.

@pixeldesu are those 3 videos available somewhere online?


All 3 videos are in the official Pangya M NCSoft webpage

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Thanks! Thanksfully the videos have translated subtitles too. And welcome!