Pangya import script for Blender updated

Acrisio Filho has released a fork of the Pangya import script for Blender, which is used for importing PangYa models as Blender scenes. It includes several improvements and bugfixes.

- Works with Blender 2.80+, tested on version 3.4.
- Loads all .pet, .apet, .bpet, .mpet files from all versions of PangYa on PC.
- Loads the collision boxes, but they need some manual adjustments to be 100% aligned with the central bone.
- Loads all the textures, except for the Specular Material section with the filename !md_filename, I still couldn’t put the .jpg of the effect for the shader in Blender’s texture.
- It loads the animations, but it still couldn’t put the skeletal animation correctly in Blender, the values come out wrong.
- It is possible to open more than one file at once, just select them with shift (depends on the operating system). When opening an .mpet file, if you have already loaded a .bpet(default) one it will use the bone structure from it, otherwise it will use the one from the .mpet file.

Animation: It remains to be seen how to use skeletal animation in Blender.
Motions: These are a group of animation frames with a link to another motion which will be played after this. I intend to implement it after I manage to import animations.
Frames: They’re used for animation scripts. To be implemented after animations.
Face Animation: The name of the textures that are replaced to make the animation of a face. To be implemented after animations.

It’s great to see an updated version of the the import script for Pangya in blender. I hope that the other files work because with the old one you can only import mpet files.