PangYa-hoo! Nice to meet you~

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I made an introduction in a forum, it feels a little like a blast from the past. In a good way of course! I don’t remember when I started playing Pangya but I know it was the greatest time of my young life. I’m 30 and rolling to 31 soon so my memory isn’t the best. What I do remember was doing TONS of surveys for free money to dump into gacha and other shop items… running around on the maps with friends and shooting the wind… and the dopamine from getting a lucky HIO (since I didn’t really know how to do math that well at the time).

One day I was feeling really nostalgic while recalling the “good days” and telling my friends that they had it lucky, since old gacha systems didn’t give you pity freebies, I decided to look up some Pangya communities and stumbled on this one. I haven’t really been interested in the private servers but I still want to be a part of something related to Pangya. Also I’m really excited about that news about Pangya M! Watching the flashback trailer brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully when that comes out we can hit the green as friends~ Cheers to 2021!

Hi! It’s over half a year later, but I’m with you! Hoping Pangya M will come to PC, or at least that we can get a good community again once it launches on mobile. …and that the game goes worldwide in general, eheh.

If you’d like to chitchat (since I’m sure I’ll promptly forget about this dead forum), my Discord ID is Sato#9999