Pangya Fantasy Golf: The PSP Story

This is something that I have planned to do for a long but got lazy throughout.

Here I gush about the PSP game

The PSP game I will always remember as a game that had a lot of passion put into it. Unlike the more fun and light-hearted vibe of the Wii games, PSP’s general direction is more of an journey, an epic, and it starts with creating a story out of a mostly plotless MMO. The writing’s not award-winning, but I still want to record their efforts into giving these characters life.

Here’s the full playlist. Currently I’m in the middle of going through all of Episode 1 and will post updates when I upload more videos.

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These are great! Can’t wait to keep up with this as it goes. Nice to have a video archive of the PSP story, especially for those who might not have played it.

This is awesome, especially since I talked with @atomicpang about wanting to look into the whole lore of Pangya

I haven’t played the PSP and Wii games (yet!) so this is just perfect! :heartbeat: