Pangya fantasy golf ISO for ppsspp

In case if any of you want to play the psp version of Pangya. Go to this link.

Scroll down and click on “Show Download Links” and choose the one that says “Black Screen Fix”.

If your struggling to set up this game on ppsspp, what you have to do is you have to extract it with file explorer, winrar or 7zip.

Make a new file on file explorer and extract the ISO file to the desired file.

Go to ppsspp and find the game on the file you chose, you can also find it by selecting the browse button and finding it though there.

Be sure that you configure the controls while your on it by going to setting, controls, control mapping.

As well as your graphic driver, just select settings, graphics. You can select it though backend and device.

If you want everything unlocked go to this link.

Select the Kyonyan file.(The others don’t work)

After its done downloading extract it to PPSSPP, PSP, SAVEDATA
(If you don’t find it, its probably in another PPSSPP file, it would most likely be in documents.)

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for this tutorial. I also recommend using PPSSPP for Pangya PSP, RetroArch (with the PPSSPP plugin) fails to correctly render the Load State screen, so it’s not possible to load a state in the game. On my (slow) phone the game requires to set the frameskipping to 1 otherwise the sound is distorted, apart from that the game runs well, it is surprisingly similar to the PC version. It’s currently the only way to play Pangya on the go, after the demise of Pangya Mobile.

Do you also have issues with sound during fade outs, i.e. while selecting a menu item and switching to a new screen? Sounds like the audio is going through bitcrushing, I couldn’t find a solution to this, although it’s nothing too annoying.


I never had a problem with the sound. I don’t know the solution to this. I’m sorry.