Pangya Chat Logs

Here are some funny scenarios that this guy was in while he was playing Pangya.

You might find other stuff on this guy’s website.

I remember I had some really funny in-game chat session back in the days, too bad I don’t have any chatlog stored :tears:
I once played with a guy called DaisukeIdo (a character from the manga Battle Angel Alita), I asked him where he has left Alita, he apologized that she didn’t like golf.
Another one with a guild member called Lonelyboy, he was a musician living in a rural village, his only way to connect to Internet was via a satelite link, but due to very high latency he was constantly disconnecting from the game, which made it for him unplayable, much to his dismay.
Or that time where me and another guy where quoting, during the game, all the 4chan memes we could remember.
Random and unimportant stuff, but I still like to remember them after all these years.


Are this server still play ? How to download pangya reborn ?

Yes, it is still active. Go to , register there and download the client.