Pangya 4koma comic panels (japanese + english)

Just in case anyone missed it back in the days, Hinano has translated some Pangya 4koma comic panels, they are still available online on Breadmasterlee’s blog! Some of them are really fun :laughter:

Link to the complete archive containing all the japanese panels, plus the translated ones by Hinano and Present:


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Hinano has translated the more interesting panels from #26 to #304, the previous ones were translated by KuroKyosuke, though the images are sadly not available anymore, nor have been stored on :drool:
KuroKyosuke's PangYa Page

The last published original panel was #613:
Unfortunately only the last one and a handful of the previous ones were preserved by

It would be really cool to have the remaining comics translated too! I’ll check if I have mirrored them, and I seem to recall that someone here should have a mirror of them too…


Update: I have found all of them in my japanese Pangya website mirror! I have also found another translation of the comics done by the user Present, these ones are really professionally done.

They cover many panels starting from where Hinano has stopped (starting from #308), up to #505, plus some earlier panels which were not translated yet. There are 152 panels in total, I have asked the author for a zipped folder containing all of them, and for permission to share them here. I believe they were initially released on the Pangya US forum.
I’m planning to release them together with the japanese ones, stay tuned!


I have given permission by Yurika from Breadmasterlee’s blog for the translated comic’s inclusion. Thanks!

Here’s the archive:

This archive contains a complete collection of the original japanese Pangya 4-koma comics (from 001 to 613) which were available on , plus all the comics which were translated in english by Hinano and Present. Additionally, 12 comics made by various authors, labeled “GM hanashi” (“GameMaster story”) and published on the official japanese Pangya website, are included.

Note that comic #115 is missing as it was not released at all on the official site.

If you find any other english translation not included here, please let me know in the above thread and I’ll add it.


I have recently bought (among other memorabilia) two official Pangya tankobon with mangas drawn by various artists:

  • 4コマキングダム (4 Koma Kingdom)
  • アンソロジーコミックス (Anthology Comics)

As mentioned in one of his panels, the Anthology Comics contains some additional 4-komas by Fujishima Jun which were not published on the Pangya webpage. There’s a total of 15 b&w and 2 color panels. I’ll scan and share them here, to complete the collection. Later I’d like to scan the whole two tankobon, I don’t think they have been ever released before.


I never knew they published some Pangya comic anthologies. I’m definitely still interested in translating those if the scans are ever shared.

Looking at some of my previous 4koma translations also made feel like I should fix some of them. Maybe someday I’ll try to actually translate the rest & fix some of them. Real life is such a chore.

Man I really miss Pangya.

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Hi Present and welcome! It would be really nice to have the remaining panels translated, so that we finally have a complete translation of all the panels. I have myself started to translate the first comic, since KuroKyosuke’s translations are now lost. I’m using manga-ocr, Yomichan, a couple of onomatopoeia lists and a kanji reference list I have found online, using Gimp to edit the panels. I’m using your translations as a reference. I still need to sort out an issue with the gradients, I’m using the same palette of colors of the original gradients but for some reason the borders are being rendered slightly darker. I’ll keep the archive updated with all the newly released translations, too.

Regarding the comic anthologies, I’ll see if I’ll manage to scan them someday, I’d really love to be able to read them. These are btw not the only existing Pangya-related comics, there’s also a korean and a thai serie.


If you’d like to play again, you’re welcome to join Pangya Reborn! I’m keeping the GM events thread updated with the #events channel on Discord.


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Great, I’m hoping to see these translated.

Here’s a wallpaper drawn by Fujishima Jun which was used on the official japanese website when the service ended. It references various Pangya characters and GM’s of the japanese server in a humorous way.

This is a low resolution version of the image, I have not been able to retrieve the original high resolution one since the zip file has not archived by I’ll see if I’ll manage to find it in my website mirror.
スカッとゴルフ パンヤ

BTW if anyone is curious about mr. Fujishima’s latest work, he’s drawing 4komas, in his distinctive style, about a Mahjong league called M.League. Panel no. 610 has been recently released, and he has collected his work in 3 volumes which are available for sale online.

Fujishima Jun’s X/Twitter account:

Fujishima’s M.League panels on Kinmaweb:

M.League’s website:

M.League comic #610: