My little introduction - Meo1

Hey there.

I lurk Reddit a lot of the time (for the glory of memes and other games I currently play), and discovered these forums through there. Every now and then my mind drifts back to PangYa, and I’m hugely bummed about the death of the old forums (akin to the actual game, I had a wealth of memories there)… T_T

Out of respect of the good ol’ days, I sort of wanted to use my old online username, Meo1, instead of my new username. I started playing PangYa from its release as Albatross18 up until around 2011-2012(?), when I started to take a break and play other games. But I still occasionally returned to PangYa for a round or two with friends. I was fortunate to be a Player Moderator alongside FireStar and AziKiss(?) for Ntreev’s Forums for a little over a year before time constraints forced me to resign, and I loved it. Compared to some other communities – although far from perfect – Pangya’s forums, at that time, did not have terribly much toxicity looming about it.

There were countless friends I made of all walks of life and all ages, young and old, that I still talked to and helped make my childhood amazing. It’s no hyperbole that I didn’t really get that, at that time, from any other online game.

I also have the game or the PSP. Unfortunately, my PSP is dead (RIP), but hopefully that’s nothing a replacement of the battery can’t fix… hopefully!

As the years have gone by now, I’ve hopped from occupation from occupation, job to job, hobby to hobby; I’m still a gamer, and also produce music in my spare time, a hobby I’ve enjoyed since 2009. While I wouldn’t have the time to play as devotedly as I used to, and a lot of my old friends have likely moved on, I’d always be happy to download whatever the client of choice is at the moment and play a round every now and then! :]

EDIT: Yet I forget to add the most basic information! Haha, I’m now 23 years old, edging on 24. I moved from TX and currently reside in NC to be with my fiance.

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Welcome Meo1!

and admirable to your respect, but I don’t think you have to go back to your old username just for this forum here, but you do you!

I can relate to a lot of points you made here, and even if there have been smaller clashes here and there in Pangya’s online realm, they all were far off anything hostile you’d be noticing now!

anyway, welcome to the forums, hope you’ll have a pleasant stay on here! :party::pop:

I’m a nostalgia junkie, so it’s only natural that I embrace the bygone! lol

For sure, anything you could consider problematic in PangYa’s community I would say is trivial compared to what goes around now. But I would also go so far to say that it had a niche community, which played to its favor. :nod:

Oh god the forums. I think during my humble beginnings I did dabble a bit on there, but soon noticed it was no place for me with all the drama… then I got taken in by a guild with their own forums and their own share of internal drama. Good times nonetheless :laughter_animated: