My Introduction!

As I’m the one who opened this forum, I’ll guess I get to be the first to write an introduction as well!

My name is Andy, usually known as pixeldesu all around the internet, and I’m a 22 year old professional web developer!

For my history with Pangya, it actually goes back quite a long time! I actually got into Pangya “by accident” through another MMO game. I was playing Kart’n’Crazy on GOA, Orange’s online game division and I noticed they also hosted Pangya, which I tried out at some point. I really got into it and stuck with it.

Then of course, back in 2009 GOA ceased service and so Pangya ended for European players as well, there has been Galaxy-Games for a while, but for the few months they have been there, it really wasn’t that significant. When Ntreev took over the remnants of Albatross18 and started Pangya Global, I of course went there to play as well, but with school and everything else crawling up on me, I had less and less time for Pangya, eventually losing focus.

A few months back, a friend approached me talking about Pangya, and so with a wave of nostalgia, everything came back to me, but a bit too late I guess.

Using all the learned development skills, I decided to put them to use and build tools to access Pangya files and document their formats, making everything more accessible and maybe enabling mods, full reimplementations and other things in the future.

That’s everything up until now, let’s see how we will shape the future of Pangya!

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