My introduction - superherogamer

I didn’t do an introduction before I made my account so I guess I’ll do it now,

I started playing pangya psp in 2009 and it was my first psp game, it introduce me to pangya and golf in general. I stop playing it in like 2015 when I couldn’t get pass the final boss, but I started playing it again in 2017 when I bought the mic set and finally completed the story, and after I completed the story I stop playing it again. But in summer 2019 I look up the company Ntreev and Pangya. I first thought Pangya fantasy golf was a one and done game but i was wrong and found out that it was an mmo and that it had 2 wii game and a mobile game and I saw the Wiki and found characters that I never saw and items I never saw. I also Met the Entire community and just as good as an community it is. I also found out the amount of collaborations and tournaments it had and I thought that pangya must have quite amount of popularity at one point.
As well as seeing that private severs for people to play and one last official sever in Thailand with people on youtube playing it very recently makes me think that alot of people have this game a special place in there hearts.

Now am I full on active fan and exited to see whats next for this franchise.