Michael from Papel Pod-Cast

Hello Pangyateers,
In case you haven’t heard of me yet, my name is Michael and i’m a 22 year old 3D Environment Artist who’s been playing Pangya since its humble beginnings in 2004.
My in-game names have usually been something like this “atomicpang” “GtGatomic” “{GtG}(:})atomic”.

I remember first playing Pangya through my Dad at the time who got a Korean account from a friend online. This was in December of 2004 so only a few months into the games beginnings, before any English server had opened.
I would have been seven years old at the time, and was instantly hooked to the game. I’ve been playing ever since, facinated by the community and keeping up with news on the game via a variety of outlets. I initially had a news site much like this called “Pangya News” when i was around the age of 10. Eventually one of my best friends joined Pangya with me and we started something new to keep the community up to date with the world of Pangya. We called it “Papel Pod-Cast” and begun in 2012.

Seven years later, Papel Pod-Cast is now the number one source of information in the Pangya community, and has sparked a variety of fans and a welcoming community of Pangyateers. I still constantly put out videos and content when i can (usually once a week) and have even opened up a Patreon Page which some of our top fans support which helps me put back into the channel.

Pangya has been a huge part of my life since i was a kid, and it still is even now as an adult. So join me on this journey and if you haven’t already, check out Papel Pod-Cast here

As always, i’ll see you on the greens.

I think I had both your atomicpang and Pod-Cast accounts added to my friendlist on Mobile at some point, who’d have known. :wink:

But yeah I’ve seen your YT channel, especially in January where I was trying to find out about the end of the US/JP/KR servers and I even believe it was your channel that hinted me towards Pangya Mobile with the Let’s Plays. I guess I should thank you deeply for that :smile:
Good stuff on keeping it up though, I know I haven’t been thinking much about Pangya as a whole in the past few years, what with school, studies and work. Though with having Papel greet me every day when I get home (plushie in view of the door) it’s always been there in the back of my mind.

Well, catch you around!