Lounge action commands list

Here’s are a couple of pages with a list of some commands that can be used while in a lounge, there are probably more. If I’ll find some time I’ll add them to the Wiki.


Pasting and merging the lists here just in case the websites close down in the meantime:

General commands
Stand up, sit down, lay down: Page Up/Page Down
Season 4 Dance: /chat-34
Happy: /:D, /hehe, /lol, /haha, /laugh, /rofl, /:], /xD, /=D, /=], /hi, /wave
Sad: /sob, /cry, /boohoo, /wah, /tear, /weep, /sad, /sniff, /faint, /dis, /:[, /:(, /T.T
Angry: /rawr, /grrr, /mad, /argh, /angry, /augh, /hate, /annoyed, /ugh, /anger, /rage, />:O
Misc: /bow

Facial/Action commands
Nuri: /chat-0 (win the game), /chat-1 (time up) /chat-2 (long putt sunk), /chat-4 (long putt fail), /chat-7 (eagle)

Hana: /chat-2 (long putt sunk), /chat-7 (win the game), /chat-8 (2nd in the game [3 players+]), /chat-9 (getting mad), /chat-11 (birdie), /chat-12 (long putt miss), /chat-14 (shot fail), /chat-15 (eagle)

Azer: /chat-2 (long putt sunk), /chat-4 (long putt fail), /chat-7 (win the game), /chat-8 (birdie), /chat-16 (par), /chat-17 (2nd in the game [3 players+])

Cecilia: /chat-1 (shot fail), /chat-2 (long putt sunk), /chat-7 (eagle), /chat-9 (oops), /chat-12 (lose the game), /chat-15 (dance), /chat-17 (birdie), /chat-25 (bogey)

Max: /chat-1 (time up), /chat-2 (long putt sunk), /chat-14 (warmup), /chat-17 (win the game), /chat-20 (yeah), /chat-28 (birdie), /chat-29 (OMG)

Kooh: /chat-1 (time up), /chat-2 (long putt ready), /chat-7 (2nd in the game [3 players+]), /chat-12 (long putt fail), /chat-13 (long putt fail), /chat-15 (birdie), /chat-17 (long putt sunk), /chat-18 (long putt sunk), /chat-32 (win the game), /chat-33 (lose the game), /chat-35 (telescope), /chat-36 (ahoy), /chat-37 (long putt)

Arin: /chat-1 (miss long putt), /chat-7 (birdie), /chat-12 (losing action), /chat-13 (pet), /chat-17 (2nd in the game [3 players+]), /chat-25 (oopsy putts), /chat-37 (bogey), /chat-39 (eagle), /chat-40 (long putt sunk), /chat-42 (time up)

Kaz: /chat-1 (bogey), /chat-7 (win the game), /chat-12 (lose the game), /chat-13 (lose the game), /chat-43 (miss long putt)

Lucia: /chat-1 (brushing her hair), /chat-2 (birdie-1), /chat-7 (birdie-2), /chat-40 (kiss)

On the Pangya Reborn server, these additional commands are available:


I have tried some of the above commands on Pangya TH while it was still open, none of them worked (except for the PageUp/Down keys), so I guess they are related to Pangya US only. TW had its custom commands but I couldn’t find any reference to them.