Introduction - bnnymaid

hello everyone :heartbeat: i’m glad to be here!

i figured it was about time to stop lurking and actually make an account + introduce myself to you all. i’m 24 and although i went through a few different accounts throughout the years (gullible kid vs. hackers :tears:) they all ended with ‘maid.’ i played pangya from the time it was a18 in 2005/2006 to about the end of 2013. i sadly haven’t played since, but i have so many fun memories and still think about it all the time. i used to play with my mom, who discovered it through a random email advert. it was a sweet way to bond, and as a pretty lonely kid i loved having a place to talk to a community of people and develop online friendships - nothing has ever really compared to it since!

i would love to join one of the private servers floating around (reborn is the newest if i’m not mistaken?) but i’m not the most tech-savvy person and have no clue how to run windows games on a mac… :sweat: but reminiscing here with you all is a really nice thing to have, too!

if you’re reading this, i hope the world treats you with lots of kindness today <3 thank you for keeping pangya alive

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Hi and welcome! Pangya Reborn is currently the best and most supported private Pangya server, though the official Thai server seems to have more users, although on some configurations it doesn’t run (on my laptop it doesn’t, for example). On Mac you could try to run it using Crossover, which is a port of Wine from Linux. There’s one user who has managed to run it on Linux using Wine, though he had to run the updater on Windows first, then transfer all the files on Linux.