History of Pangya Servers

As this category is the main one talking about servers, I guess I’ll put this here. A list of the mayor Pangya providers and their times of operation, sorted by their launch dates.

Some of the dates are not entirely accurate and just estimates based on the time of signing the contract, but that’s the best I could do!

Server Started Service Ended Service
Pangya Korea April 2004 August 2016
Pangya Japan November 2004 November 2017
Pangya Thailand November 2004 -
Pangya Taiwan February 2005 April 2009
Pangya Indonesia July 2005 April 2008
Pangya Brasil October 2005 April 2007
Pangya SEA November 2005 August 2008
Pangya US (Albatross18/Ntreev USA/SG/GameRage) December 2005 December 2016
Pangya Philippines January 2006 January 2008
Pangya China May 2006 May 2008
Pangya Europe (GOA/Galaxy-Games) March 2007 December 2010

This information was collected using several sources, like the Pangya Wikipedia entry, Hinano’s Game Babbles and several official shutdown announcements.