Competition vs Cooperation

Hello everyone,

Like many, I am a pangya enthusiast for a long time, with an on and off relationship that started in Pangya Europe.

I’ve been asking myself why don’t server owners cooperate instead of competing for a spot in this very niche market.

Clarifying competition: people use the tools available by the community to manage and maintain a pangya server, using cash shops to offset costs. each server tries to bring something together that pulls players toward it, creating competition.

Clarifying cooperation: people come together and try to build a mega server that would centralize the community of players. This would ensure optimal playerbase and opportunities to make more social interactions, making the game more alive.

This is a topic aiming to find out if the community has interest or if it’s indiferent.

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.

May the beam impacts chip in easily!

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Good morning,
The principle is entirely laudable.

But I fear that utopia remains a utopia.

Who would be the manager of this server?
Why really only have one server?
All owners do not have the same objectives at all, the same investment of time, the same creations, the same schedules, the same availability, do not necessarily use all the tools, some have their own tools… the list is long!
I think that before asking everyone to merge, we should perhaps think about building a real proposal to which the leaders could adhere or not!

I love all the enthusiasm and your desire to suggest creating something bigger.
Work harder on the subject for utopia to become reality.


Good luck to you.

Thanks @Kyuubi.

Yea, for now this is just enthusiasm mixed with wishful thinking since I lack the technical know-how to make it happen alone.
I would be fine managing the infrastructure to host the server though.

I agree that a formal proposal is a good way to go, but first, let’s see if more interest comes up in the community.

Best regards


I’d of course love to see all the players playing on a single server, but I don’t see this to be feasible for some reasons:

  • players won’t like to lose their current progress when switching to a new server
  • if they’d have the possibility to have a new account with all the items and stats from the older server, they’d anyway lose all the IG friends and contacts during the move
  • language can be a barrier too, especially for thai, brasilian and korean players. Even if in the same server, they’d probably prefer to play in their own rooms, so there wouldn’t be much interaction between the groups.
    The last point was probably one the reasons we had multiple official servers back in the days.
    As it stands now, the best way is to have a “popular” english server and some smaller local ones. Currently Debug and Reborn are the most popular ones.