Characters that never made it

I have found some character where they have never make it into the game. Every character sheet have a description on them.


A witch/wizard apprentice. She’s 12 years old. For the purpose of attaining a sense of asceticism, she challenged herself to play Pangya. To prevent her from getting lazy she has a knight-looking summon who monitors and follows her around.


A healthy looking 13 year old with bronze colored skin. She’s always bursting with energy and holding onto some sort of food. She has a high sense of gluttony. Her level of energy is reflected by the amount of food she consumes.


An 11 year old mecha-maniac from the Wingtross area. To take part in the Pangya games she took her company’s tools and upgraded them out of her own greed.


A girl who fights hand-to-hand. She is 16 years old and has talents in sports and hand-to-hand combat. She also holds a personality that hates to lose to others. Thinking that she’s better than other people, she has a tendency to ignore others.


Another pirate girl who holds a sense of rivalry against Kooh. Raised under her father who is a captain and without the care of a mother, she was raised liked princess. Although she looks cute and adorable she holds quite the temper. She has a mole under her eye and a misaligned tooth as “statement” making characteristics. She’s 13 years old. She’s a bit physically weaker than Kooh making her feel inferior to her.


A human who decided on her own to come to Pangya island. Her job is being an exorcist. Sensing the strengthening of the Demon King, she wanted to find the root cause of it, which has led her to cross over dimensions to Pangya island. She is 22 years old. She is fairly tall and holds excellent body proportions. She prefers wearing shorts over skirts and her slender legs are a point of appeal. Holding a mature looking body, she lacks the dolly look and mentality. Although she is very athletic she is still a novice when it comes to Pangya.


Neither from Earth or the Pangya islands, but an alien who has crossed over from a third world. Her hair is always in a zero-gravity state. Star-shaped pupils. Came to get rid of the demon king.


A human robot.
Her physical appearance may look human but her motor skills are awkward and machine-like. She was originally designed to be a cadie but through a freak accident obtained a soul of her own. For that reason, Karen’s existence is acknowledged. The Wingtross , the creators of Karen, have decided to keep a close eye on her. Compared to the humans, her skills aren’t as sharp. Her face is more expressive than expected. The top half of her body can spin a full 360.

I guess they had a lot of ideas for a new character and decided to pick spika, however it states that she came to destroy the demon king, I wonder what that would be like if pangya had a story. I also like the idea of giving kooh a rival. It adds a lot of story and depth to her.

All of the artwork that I found is on

A really interesting find, it’s the first time I hear about them. Too bad there’s no bigger version of the images, I’m really eager to know if these images come from some guide book. I have two japanese character/course books but there’s nothing there about them. Is there any related comment on, could you please share the links?
Can you imagine having all these characters, even if unlikely, implemented in Pangya Reborn? :shocked: Although the spinning torso of the robot sounds a bit creepy to me…
BTW I see all the comments on the images are in korean… but wasn’t Spika a JP-only character?


You can find bigger version of these images on e-shuushuu by clicking on the images.
Just scroll down to find them.

The only comment were just the descriptions that were translated. And I’m sure Spika wasn’t a JP-only character.

Thanks, I wasn’t finding any image tagged with Pangya since I have only now realized that tags have to be enclosed in quotes, ouch. You’re also right about Spika, she was present on the KR server as well, I have checked this on the korean wiki page, I thought it was JP-exclusive.

EDIT: adding the full resolution images just for backup, since they seem to be only available on e-shuushuu, I hope Pixeldesu won’t mind.


The remaining images.

My personal favourites are the bronze-skinned and the blonde pony-tailed girls. Too bad they didn’t name them.