Basics on How to Inject 3D objects into Pangya Pc

Hi Hi Hi!
First of all let me introduce myself, i’m Pazolith & i am a student in CGI & Animation (been 5 years now so i’m close to being a senior haha)
Lately i’ve been starting to play Pangya again on Debug, and i saw the textures & all and wondered: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could add items i modeled into the game ?
Great so i stumbbled apon Atomicpang’s work wich is verry nice i have to say, but he never mentioned the part when he had to inject the files into pangya in order for it to work fully.
I got some problems while develloping it on my side, and people on debug are not familiar with codding, etc.
So there’s some things i needed to know if one of you is willing to teach me! (i’d be sooo grateful)
I’m not planning to do it for money or whatsoever, it’s all about doing it for fun!
The first idea i had is taking an existing piece with mesh & uv, work on an item and clipping it to the existing object (in that case, i tried adding a backpack on a ssaf top for hanna), but when converting, i had so much crash. Could not inject it at all.
so i wanted to do the same by doing it on a pair of wings, but deleting the wings, i wanted to keep the rigging + anchor point in that file, but i couldn’t open it at all.

So my main question is: What’s the process filewise to create and inject objects into pangya ? Modelling from scratch is something i can do (i mainly use Maya), UV cutting & projecting -> got it. But filewise ? I’m so lost haha! Thank you in advance for thoes who would help me in the way.
best regards- Pazo.

Welcome, Pazolith!

So, in general, there is a bit of an issue with injecting stuff into Pangya.

In general, following things have to be noted:

  • New items and item models can be added to the game, these are purely dynamic
  • New characters can’t be added (references are hardcoded in the game)
  • New courses can’t be added (references are hardcoded in the game)

You can, however, replace a course or character, but I don’t think people have made a lot of advancements with that yet.

Anyway, back to your specific question about injecting models.

Models in Pangya are called “puppets”, they have their own file format. I partly have it described here:

There are a few tools to work with models:

io_scene_mpet (imports mpet files into Blender):

This set of PAK tools includes a converter to metaseqoia model files:

An importer for Pangya models for 3DSMax:

Currently, most of the tools seems to be one-way solutions to export the models and not import them back into the game.

Not to promise anything, but once my PET parsing library is a bit more advanced, I (or someone else) could use it to write importers and exporters for specific model file formats. At the moment that landscape is a bit barren tho.

In the meantime, start modeling your ideas anyway, and maybe in reasonable time, there might be the tools available! :wink:

Thank you verry much for your response, it helps a lot.
I do indeed use the tools you sent me to model/try to inject, except the fact that i use a Mpet to Mqo and vice versa convecter, it might be the reason why it doesn’t work. And then, when adding thoes said files to the pangya viewer, i get crashes. Thing is, i never tried to inject a NEW object in pangya (i only tried remeshing things, and reworking existing files), i might need to try and give you my feedbacks.
I’m hoping for the best for you to be successful in your quest to create an injecter. If it’s successful, the future is BRIGHT (:d)

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Coming from personal experience, Adding things to pangya (especially models) to this day is still a very complex process. My role with Pangya Celebrity was the artist more-so than the implementer.
GM_Leia handled the actual process of replacing the model in game with my model (Usually i believe for clubsets it’d be shrinking the model in Metasequia and placing the new model inside that file). Usually the existing data needs to be in there to be “Replaced” correctly, so shrinking it until its smaller than a pixel helps a lot.

Again, like Pixel mentioned there are many tools you need including software such as Metasequia and addons for 3DSmax.
I’d layout a ‘tutorial’ as i do know the general process myself as an observer, but i’m gonna let that be up to Leia to explain if she so wishes, since she’s the one who discovered the actual process with me while developing (Took around 4 or so months of research/trial error to work).

The best i can do is send her this forum and see if she wants to put her imput in for the sake of the extended community.


How can I 3dsmax import character animation?
looking at the size of the file, it is estimated to be an .apet file.