Another new old face

Hi all, right now sitting at work and nostalgia’ing hard, like really hard. Like, “browsing YT all day to listen to watch old announcements, own HIOs and old Pangya tunes” hard.

It’s funny because I’d been playing Pangya Mobile for about two months now, diligently raking in the daily rewards and scratching that itch I’ve rediscovered in mid-January… After discovering old HWI tables I put together from countless hours of practice mode and then finding out that all servers bar Thai had been shut down.
Not that I had played even once in the last 5 years, but I still felt very sad finding out I can’t rediscover my old chars and items. I wasn’t a big spender, far from it, but did still sink in quite a bit of pocket money (especially for my Papel/Dolfini/Mochi/Tori(?) plushies), which however pales in comparison to the immense amounts of time… Even on JP and KR did I have some gear… all gone now.

Anyhow. Wasn’t this an intro topic? natsuneko/Hisuichan here, used to play A18 and then until… Season 5, I don’t think I even did 6 anymore.
Apart from that, anyone remember a guild OBers? I certainly didn’t, just had to dig into mails from 2007 to even remember the name… Well. I used to play for/with them for a while. Edit: Actually watching the few chip-in vids I had from back then, I found out I was also in GGS Guild, and I guess that was for an even longer while. Good times were had on the courses, guild battles, and also on IRC…I really miss the good old times.

But, I’m reluctant to start playing any of the unofficial versions (Celeb, Debug, BR, are there more?) or Thai exactly because of starting anew once again, and because I know I could barely find any time to sit down on my PC to get the hang of things again. So despite the issues in PMobile I find myself enjoying it quite a bit since it’s just convenient and fast-paced. So if anyone wants to hit me up on there, I go by Hisucchi, nearing Lv 40. Still getting pissed about PvP matching me with maxed out opponents with 50y longer range. (pang)(lol)(-pang)

That’s it for now, gotta scram. Happy pangya’ing, see you on the links!

Welcome Hisui!

Ah, I get that and can certainly understand that. I’m casually playing on Celebrity like a round or two every few moons when I feel like it, but I’m not all too actively engaged in the game right now, just keeping at it!

And no amount of playing can give me back the feeling of guild members gifting me the Valentines Chocolate Set back in the day, it was great!

Well, anyway, thanks for being around! :smile:

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