With the impending closure of the final official Pangya server I kinda got motivated to kickstart one of the more important Pangya projects I had in mind over the last few years.

Pangya information is spread out all across the internet. In old forum articles, archived websites and even old archived wikis provided by some of the publishers back in the day.

In order to fully preserve Pangya for the time to come, it’s time to make this wiki.

The wiki is running MediaWiki, so the same software Wikipedia and alike are running on. I host it myself, so in terms of extensions and the design, we have full control (and by the time of me writing this, I haven’t even set a logo yet).

What’s supposed to be on the Wiki?

Everything official.

The Wiki should be a place for information around the game itself, it’s different versions, the regions and their hosters, Ntreev and it’s history, etc.

While private servers of course keep the game alive and certainly also play into the history of the game, the wiki is not supposed to become an advertising space for them, thus pages about specific private servers are not allowed. This forum however is the right space to advertise your private servers.

Back in the day I also made and I plan on moving the technical documentation around Pangya into this wiki as well, having everything in one place will certainly benefit the community more than it being fragmented across places.

How can I contribute?

You can request an account, but that on it’s own will most likely not get you on the wiki just yet.

Especially for the beginning, I’d like to have people that are not just on the wiki so we can coordinate the content a bit better. And in order to somewhat verify that, please get in contact with me over the forum or on Discord (same name as everywhere else, pixeldesu). For this announcement, I guess it’s also enough to reply to this post here and tell me you want to contribute to the Wiki.

There’s a new category on this forum called Wiki which will be used to coordinate available tasks around the wiki or what structure some of the content should have.


This is the first wiki I am hosting, so things might be missing here and there, but if you have any feedback or even know your way around wikis, feel free to talk to me, any help is appreciated!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them below.

Otherwise I hope we’ll get this going well and preserve Pangya even more than we already have so far!


Count me in, although probably I won’t be able to contribute a lot due to lack of free time.


Okay, just make an account at Request account - and I’ll confirm it then! :eyes:

Done, thanks!