An interesting concept

A few years ago I was looking at pangya artwork on deviantart and came across this.

It’s Karen, but the dark lord possessed her body. This art was made as a concept for her as a playable character in the game. The artist really wanted her to be playable so bad.

There are other artwork for her as well from this artist.

All of the artwork belong to bingsang:

Scroll to the right to scraps and scroll down to see more of the artwork of Karen.

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Nice. I must say I like this version of Karen much more :laughter_animated: One day maybe it will be possible to have this character added to Pangya by using AI to create the 3D character and all its animation. Maybe this will be never possible, but one can always dream…
I like these “marine stripes” ideas too, they’ll be probably much easier to implement:

And lastly, I find this version of Kaz too funny :laughter_animated: